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 +====== Copyright notice ======
 +The **text** in these pages **is written by us**. However, it is very hard to avoid wordings, constructs or even whole sentences which are consistently repeated in literature, or are perfectly phrased by some other author. Whereever practical, we took care to **include references** to other authors. **If we failed** to do so in a place or two, it was not by intention to appropriate someones intellectual property, and **please do** [[​subject=LT wiki - IPR|draw our attention]] to this fact. We systematically check the content of these pages with anti-plagiarism tools like [[http://​​|CopyGator]],​ [[http://​​|PlagiarismSoftware]],​ [[http://​​plagiarism-checker/​|Small SEO Tools]] and [[http://​​cs/​plagiarism.checker/​|The Plagiarism Checker]].
 +[[http://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​3.0/​|{{:​cc-licence.png ​ |Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License}}]] Material in these pages is intended for **free, public use**. It can be copied, printed, cited and linked **without explicit permission** of the authors for personal use or further education provided it is for non-profit purpose. It is expected to **credit the authors** if portions of text are used elsewhere. Any commercial or **for-profit us**e is only possible with **prior, written permission** from authors. ​
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