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 +====== Psychometrics ======
 +===== What is psychometrics?​ =====
 +Psychometrics is
 +  * "//the field of study concerned with the **theory and technique of educational and psychological measurement**,​ which includes the **measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits**. The field is primarily concerned with the construction and validation of measurement instruments,​ such as questionnaires,​ tests or personal assessments.//"​(([[http://​​books?​id=toSzklA5PVsC|Drogin,​ Eric Y., Frank M. Dattilio, PhD Frank M Dattilio, Ph.D., Abpp, Robert L. Sadoff, and Thomas G. Gutheil. Handbook of Forensic Assessment: Psychological and Psychiatric Perspectives. John Wiley and Sons, 2011.]]))
 +Psychometrics started to develop from early works on intelligence and intelligence testing.(([[http://​​books?​id=PvsNAAAAQAAJ|Gipps,​ C. V. Beyond testing: towards a theory of educational assessment. Routledge, 1994.]])) Intelligence was supposed to be measurable since it was fixed and observable, and later compared to fixed grades.
 +The measurement or assessment can take many forms like interview, examination,​ multiple-choice,​ diagnostic, practical, continuous assessment, ..., but all of these methods need be:
 +  * standardized,​
 +  * valid,
 +  * reliable, and
 +  * free from bias.
 +Psychometrics uses two kinds of tests and test items(([[http://​​books?​id=-lUFDpFtcwIC|Rust,​ John, and Susan Golombok. Modern psychometrics:​ the science of psychological assessment. Routledge, 1999.]])):
 +  * knowledge-based tests and test items for measuring a person'​s knowledge, and
 +  * person-based tests and test items for assessing mood, cynical symptoms, personality or attitudes.
 +Two important assumptions of psychometrics are:​(([[http://​​books?​id=PvsNAAAAQAAJ|Gipps,​ C. V. Beyond testing: towards a theory of educational assessment. Routledge, 1994.]]))
 +  * assumption of unidimensionality (meaning that the items in a test should measure only a single attribute), and
 +  * assumption of universality (meaning that a test score has the same meaning for all individuals anywhere).
 +===== Psychometrics,​ educational measurement and educational assessment =====
 +Since psychometrics was originally introduced to deal with issues of measuring intelligence,​ a need for an assessment approach specifically designed for educational process appeared. This new assessment process should have been useful in the processes of planing, teaching, learning and evaluation.(([[http://​​books?​id=PvsNAAAAQAAJ|Gipps,​ C. V. Beyond testing: towards a theory of educational assessment. Routledge, 1994.]]))
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