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 +====== Testlets ======
 +===== What are testlets? =====
 +The term testlets was first officially introduced in late 1980s and defined as
 +  * "//a group of items related to a single content area that is developed as a unit and contains a fixed number of predetermined paths that an examinee may follow.//"​(([[http://​​doi/​10.1111/​j.1745-3984.1987.tb00274.x/​abstract|Wainer,​ Howard, and Gerard L Kiely. Item Clusters and Computerized Adaptive Testing: A Case for Testlets. Journal of Educational Measurement 24, no. 3: 185-201, September 1987.]]))
 +Simplified, testlets:​(([[http://​​stable/​1434763|Wainer,​ Howard, and Charles Lewis. Toward a Psychometrics for Testlets. Journal of Educational Measurement 27, no. 1: 1-14, Spring 1990.]]))
 +  * are **small tests** of single units from which together construct a test;
 +  * should be small enough to manipulate but big enough to **carry their own context**;
 +  * can be used to **balance contents** of a test.
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